2 thoughts on “Hardcase | Issue 1 | Page 7

  1. Man, I like the script changes. I liked the script before but the small revisions really add something to it. Nice job!

  2. I’ve got the editor bug. LOTS of dialog changes coming on the next few pages in both comics. It’s the same story, saying the same things, so the changes aren’t huge – but seeing the art changes the voice, as does revisiting a story six months after I wrote it.

    I’m finding many of the changes are also to fit word balloons into a page. Some I make less wordy so the art can still be seen. Some I change by breaking up a single balloon into several, which changes the tone, and allows me to imply more with less words. Sometimes it’s a character reaction that needs tweaking when I see the art. Jolt is a great example of this as we will see next week…

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