C2E2 con report

C2E2 was a great show, and my first as creator and not a fan.

Sat next to Ryan Sohmer at the Marvel dinner with Joe Quesada, Brian Bendis, and CB Cebulski at Rick Bayless‘s private library room. Ryan writes Gutters and Looking for Group. This guy is smart and knows how to sell.

Met the gang at Lonely Robot Comics a Chicago/Ohio indy comic group. Check out their stuff:

Spent a long time talking to Victor Carungi of Paperstreet comics. Talked about the long process and end evolution of stories to final form. He first self published Pencilneck in 2002 and eventually turned it into a graphic novel in 2008, and now has interest in getting main stream press to print it. That’s a long road to walk.

Talked writing craft with Ryan Keyworth of Twilightpop We exchanged comics, and each signed them. First time I signed one of my own comics. Great moment.

Was a fanboy for a bit and met Randy Milholland of Something Positive, Terry Moore of SiP and Echoes.

Most geek moment? Holding Brian Bendis’s cellphone. He passed it around at dinner when he got the the tweet with the new Wonder Woman costume. Also talked Iron Man 2 with Quesada, and found CB to be a great guy to hang out with. Rick himself dropped by and it was a Rock Star moment. Food was incredible, service more so. So doing this next year.

This pic has Rick in the middle and CB on the left.