Small World & Devil’s Panties

So I read Devil’s Panties this morning and recognized Nigel in the gag and did a coffee spit take. Nigel is an artist that stays with my best friends when he’s in town. I’ve shared a hot tub with him. I see him at several cons I go to, and he works the Ohio Ren Faire where several of my friends have worked. As for Jennie Breeden, she often does Nero LARP in Cincinnati and I have several good friends who go to that game regularly. I own a Geebas T-shirt, and I’ve learned that advertising on Devil’s Panties gets me the highest percentage of clicks per ad dollar of any site I’ve advertised on, so I do that a lot. Yet despite all the conventions I go to, and all the commonalities – never met her. So small world, but elbow room sized.