How I made my booth banner

I do state a few brands, but aside from the clamps, other brands and companies should work just fine. I’m just saying what stuff I used.

Parts list:

  • 2 Jorgensen 3712 clamps
  • ¾” White PVC
    • 12 tubes 2’ long
    • 2 corners
    • 2 T shaped connectors.
    • 6 joiners
    • 2 6’ wide vinyl banners
    • Gorilla Glue or PVC glue
    • Duct Tape
    • Hacksaw
    • Krylon outdoor spray paint

1)   Banners: Vistaprint makes a 6’ banner that is frequently on sale, with shipping at a price under $35. Lay the banners face to face on the ground and connect them with duct tape.  Do this by running a strip along each edge, taped at half the width of the tape, and folding the strip over to connect to the other banner.  Flip the banners inside out so that the tape is on the inside. Corners are tricky.  Just be patient, vinyl is forgiving and the tape sticks well to it. Once flipped inside out, the banners create a pocket that will slide over the top of your banner stand. You could use any material, but a double-sided banner works great, because your booth can be seen from both sides.

2)   Clamps: The bar of the Jorgensen 3712 clamp fits perfectly inside a ¾” PVC tube, this allows you to attach the clamp to your booth table and slide the PVC legs onto the bar.

3)   PVC Frame: You don’t have to use 2’ sections, but most hardware stores sell them in this size, saving you having to make cuts. Plus, 2’ is good size for disassembling your structure to throw into a box. Assemble the frame as per the diagram. Glue the joins where the X is marked. You don’t have to glue any of it. If you don’t, you have to shove the pieces together tightly, and be very strong at pulling them apart.  Other glue patterns will work, but I chose this glue pattern for strength. It allows me to tear the structure down to small segments for travel and balances out the connective force so it stays together. Once done, I painted it blue with Krylon outdoor spray paint.

4)   Sizing: The width of the frame should be about 1½” shorter than the inside of your banner width. Normally that would be six feet, and you used 3 2’ sections, but the joins add width and you could make this frame with other banner sizes. The 1½” shorter is to accommodate the pocket shape of the banners fitting over the pipes.  Cut the PVC at the places indicated and join with joiners pieces. If it comes out to long, trim. Too short, add a new PVC piece. I used 2 2’ tubes as legs, because when added to a table, it puts the banner above the height of most standing people. If you always sit, take out one set of tubes. Adjust tube heights or add short tubes if you want to change height. By staying modular you can adjust height and width.

That’s it!