The Pull List – 12/13/13

The Pull List – 12/13/13 – A weekly round up of the comics I read and liked last week.

I was writing long reviews for Drunk On Comics but I wasn’t liking how they came out, and I wasn’t getting to comment on all of the books I read, books I love and want to shout about. So, now I’m going to do that by writing my own weekly column. There will be no ratings. If I don’t like it, I skip mentioning it.

Uncanny X-Men #15: The X Women go shopping. What sounds like a trite idea is another brilliant character piece by Brian Bendis about what it’s like being cooped up in the creepy Weapon X facility and wanting to get out for a bit just to be normal. The bit with Emma alone is worth the cover price. It ends with raising all the questions raised by Inhumans being born in the same world with mutant revolutionaries. Kris Anka’s art makes everyone distinct, and gives the vast array of women all expressive and believable emotions – even the stepford triplets.

Thunderbolts #19: We find out the Leader is not the putz he’s seemed to have been, or is he? He thinks everything’s going his way and he has everyone fooled, and he plans to take out all the Thunderbolts by himself while the ride along in the Punisher’s van. The last few issues are deconstructed from the Leader’s point of view, as if every bit of crazy was a part of his plan. Then he thinks too hard about it. He out thinks himself. Brilliant done in one by Charles Soule. This could easily be a .1 issue to jump onto the series. My favorite bit is carrying on the gag with Deadpool – he has people shoot him in the head so he can be dead for awhile and ignore the roadtrip they are stuck on.

Mighty Avengers #4: All the fractured events of the Marvel universe seem to play out in the background as Luke Cage builds his Avengers team. Nothing really happens, and some of the motivations seem convenient or forced, but the Al Ewing’s characterization remains excellent and the attention to continuity is very welcome. This feels like the Marvel Universe. Greg Land’s Monica Rambeau is the best version of her I’ve ever seen, just gorgeous.

Wolverine and the X-Men #39: The clock is ticking on the end of Jason Aaron’s run and it’s great to see him focusing again on the students in the school being students. This comic is always a crazy thrill ride with moments of utter dread that come out of nowhere. Once again, Broo steals the show in a good way and then a creepy way. The B story of Cyke and Wolvie allow the two to learn they are both broken, power wise. Nice, but I preferred the school stuff. Pepe Larraz does some great backgrounds, layouts, and efx but it’s his art combined with Matt Milla and Pete Pantazis colors becomes shiny and vibrant.

Edison Rex #12: Chris Roberson continues his loving parody/homage to comic cliches by having Edison Rex face a Teen Titans analog. Have the fun of Rex is recognizing and enjoying the homages. Even the cover is an homage to old school Marvel with it’s border of characters surrounding a rex profile. Rex is just good fun, and the plot twists from the continuing story remain interesting. Dennis Culver’s art almost seems giddy as he makes up inventive analogs of characters we know.

Lazarus #5: I’ve been on the fence with Lazarus. It’s good, but too cold and brutal for my tastes. Somehow, issue 5 hit home. Forever is starting to be a character I like and everything about this issue seemed to be a notch above the previous issues. Like Greg Rucka found the voice for this series, or else I just learned how to hear it. Michael Lark’s grim and desolate art is perfection in depicting this dystopic world and Santi Arcas’s muted colors intensify the bleakness. Brilliant pacing, perfect tone – I’m finally fully on board with Lazurus.