The Pull List – 12/20/13

The Pull List – 12/13/13 – A weekly round up of the comics I read and liked.

I was writing long reviews for Drunk On Comics but I wasn’t liking how they came out, and I wasn’t getting to comment on all of the books I read, books I love and want to shout about. So, now I’m going to do that by writing my own weekly column. There will be no ratings. If I don’t like it, I skip mentioning it.

FF #14: I don’t read the Fantastic Four, just the FF book filled with the bizarro leftovers that the FF abandoned as they wander the multiverse. I love that the FF follows up on “Children’s Crusade” with Scott Lang (Ant Man) looking to avenge the death of his daughter at the hands of Dr. Doom. D-Listers taking on Doom, that’s my kind of story. And it’s not just Doom, it’s Kid Immortus/Kang, Annihlus Jr., and the council of alt reality Dooms – that’s epic. Helping out Lang are Medusa, She-Hulk, and Ms. Thing. Ms. Thing is a pop singer stuck in a thing suit that lacks a head so her own pink hair sticks out a very weird but amusing sight gag. These “less than” Fantastic Four are supposed to be baby sitting the crazy clatch of genius kids that Hickman left behind, along with assorted aliens, androids, Herbies, senile time travelers, and Impossible Boy. The Impossible Man has a family! This is the strangest mix of heroes ever. It’s also consistently hilarious with humor both adult and elementary school. The star though is Mike Allred. His unique art style makes this book both stylish and campy, Kirby crazy and easy to understand. Fraction left this book to make his Inhumans story, and Laura and Lee Allred stepped up to make this Allred, all the time. So far they’ve made it even crazier and funnier. This issue is the assault on Doom castle and Doom gets pantsed. It’s the kind of fun romp you seldom see in todays doom and gloom dystopic hero stories. I wish it weren’t ending.

MCU: I bought Marvel’s Comics Unlimited on it’s buy one/get one sale and gave the second subscription to a friend. I didn’t expect to use it much, boy was I wrong. I started reading series I was only vaguely interested in, and got hooked on stories I didn’t expect to like. MCU is like Netflix for comics, you end up binge reading series. I read all of the Agents of Atlas, and the Runaways I couldn’t find. In addition to random collections of old books, it has all of it’s new series after 6 months, I gorged on Cable and X-Force because Nemesis and Forge are hilarious. The interface is a little clunky and you need an iPad and the internet for it to be useful, but it works. As for the cost, I’ve read about 30 books in three days, which would be $30 on ComiXology, $120 in print. My year long subscription was around $60. It’s worth it if you’re a Marvel head.