The Pull List – 01/08/14

A weekly round up of the comics I read and liked:

The Sandman Overtures #1: If you know anything about this book, you already know the important points 1) it’s gorgeous (J. H. Williams best work) and 2) it’s Neil Gaiman writing Sandman again. Nothing more needs to be said. If that doesn’t help you, read this and then it will.

Rachel Rising #22: Terry Moore’s horror story is the perfect blend of brilliant characters moments, a bit of light comedy and moments of true personal horror. This issue was light on the horror, we infer macabre things we already know from past issues. This one has a bit more levity than most, from a snow-pocalypse devouring a car to a boy in grown woman’s body trying to deal with a bathroom for the first time. Three pages were recaps of a background we know, but retold based on the truth revealed in this issue. This issue will read so much more powerful in a trade, but it’s still a good read, and as always, his panel pacing is incredible.

Fables #136: This has one of may favorite covers in the whole Fables series (Daniel Dos Santos), which is saying a lot as Fables often has the best covers of any book, hands down. It’s Rose Red as King Arthur, and I want this as a poster on my wall. Sirs Willingham and Buckingham take us further into Rose Red’s attempts to create a new Camelot, but with a twist. The Lady of the Lake and Morgan Le Fey explore if this Camelot will go the way of the first, by being bright and shiny at first, but tarnished by the weakness of human will. One thing’s for sure, if Willingham gives you foreshadowing, expect it to be paid off in spades.

Guardians of the Galaxy #10: Kevin Maguire’s with Justin Ponsors colors are amazing. Faces are expressive, detail and efx awesome and the amount of colors used should have drained the internet dry of pixels. The story focuses on some bonding between Gamora and Angela, and it’s pitch perfect. I hated it when Quill showed up to bring them back to the larger story.