Indy Wednesday: A Piggy’ Tale, Blue Cat Cafe, The Hero Business Season One

I have a huge stack of small and independent press books that I pick up at comic conventions. Every week I’m pulling out a few and telling you about them, and how to get them.

Title: A Piggy’s Tale, Issue #4

Creators: Todd Emko, Ethan Young, Mike Garland

Publisher: Bohemian Press

Ages: All Ages

Where can i get it:

What’s it About: A superhero dog named Piggy with only three legs. He rescues other stray and lost animals.

What I like: Piggy is a real three legged dog that Todd rescued and turned into a comic. I met Todd and Piggy at a con in New York, and was so touched by their enthusiasm for their story that I bought a copy immediately. Since then they’ve kept publishing and I picked up issue 4 in, I think, Chicago.  The comic is all heart and about having empathy for those with less be it homeless or disability.

Title: The Hero Business – Season One

Creator: Bill Walko

Ages: Teen and up. The comic occasionally has themes and innuendos that would go over a kids head, but there’s nothing in here that isn’t PG.

Where Can I get it:

What’s it about: A marketing agency devoted to people in capes, be they heroes or villains. It’s both a working place comedy and satire on hero comics.

What I like: I love Bill’s sense of humor and love of continuity. The storylines all tie together and gleefully poke fun at Marvel and DC continuity. The satire works on several levels and rewards comic fans with tons of sly nods to hero cliches. I met Bill at the same NY show as Todd, but I was already a fan of his web comic. On first meeting we clicked at once and we’ve been friends ever since. We’re both part of the Collective of Heroes now and have done guest comics for each other – so I’m a bit biased in liking this comic.

Title: Blue Cat Cafe Part 1

Creator: Alexander Lee

Ages: Tween and up

Where can I get it:

What’s it about: A slice of life manga story about a comic creator falling for a barista at the Blue Cat Cafe. A cafe that has lots of cats and customers milling about.

What I like: I was jogging across C2E2 in Chicago and Alex’s art caught the corner of my eye and brought me to a dead stop in front of his booth. His style is a cross between manga and Disney and he’s excellent with characters and settings. I devoured all of his art with my eyes and then snatched up his magna. He’s a soft spoken humble creator with original prints that overflow with charm.