Indy Wednesday: Champions of Odd Lake, The Electric Team, Flutter

I have a huge stack of small and independent press books that I pick up at comic conventions. Every week I’m pulling out a few and telling you about them, and how to get them.

Title: Champions of Odd Lake – Special Preview

Creators: Nate Lovett, Ian Nichols

Publisher: Giant Robot Head

Ages: All Ages

Where can i get it: For the moment you can only get copies from Nate, but that will change soon.

What’s it About: A pait of young kids investigate the supernatural things happening around Odd Lake.  Think Goonies or Gravity Falls.

What I like: Nate’s art. Nate has worked for several big name media companies drawing their properties, but this is Nate stepping out on his own. Nate has an animation style with very expressive characters so if you’re a fan of good cartoons, you already love this art. I also like that the girl Meil is the aggressive one who loves comics, while the boy Gabe is cautious and smart. A nice inversion of stereotypes. I’ve finally gotten to work with Nate on short story that’s coming out next year and he’s a delight to work with.

Title: The Electric Team – 1

Creators:  Abigail Conner, Leighton Conner, Samantha Albert

Publisher: Zimberwack Comics

Ages: All ages.

Where Can I get it:

What’s it about: The motley collection of random heroes, (The Electric Team) led by Leeta (the warrior raised by Unicorns) on adventures to defeat a 1000 villains to restore their world to order. If you think Adventure Time is your kind of random, your ready for this comic.

What I like: The comic is based on the adventures of daughter and dad playing with random toys they bought at a comic con. The story is the invention of Abi at age five, with some finessing by dad. I met Abi at a comic show and was impressed by her, and snapped the comic up immediately, and of course I had her sign it. It also runs as a web comic and is at issue 3 in print, so there’s more to enjoy.

Title: Flutter – Volume Two

Creator: Jennie Wood,  Jeff McComsey, Chris Goodwin, Jeff McClelland

Publisher: 215 Ink

Ages: Teen and up for mature situations and occasional curse word.

Where can I get it:

What’s it about: Teen Jesse is actually Lily. Lily is the result of her fathers research into genetics. It gave Lily the ability to change into another person, technically anyone, but mostly as the boy Jesse. Lily has to hide who she is because the government wants her father’s research, and she’s the result. She’s also super strong and heals quickly. This volume is mostly about Penelope, the gill who fell in love with Lily, and figured out she was also Jesse. Jesse is also on the run from a broken family and abusive stepdad. Coming of age, gender fluidity, super powers and teen angst – it’s all here.

What I like: I met Jennie in Chicago when she was sharing a table with my friend and fellow creator Enrica Jang. Jennie politely nodded while Enrica talked about the 27 Enrica edited the 27 club and I had a short story in it. Then she interoduced Jennie to me and gushed about Flutter vol 1. Jennie was embarrassed by the praise, but gladly went into a deep conversation on writing when I asked her about making the first volume. I bought the book and loved it. We’ve bumped into each other a few more times and I discovered after the fact there was a volume 2, so I sought her out at C2E2 and bought it. The story plays with time and interweaves a lot of plot elements, but still allows for the small moments. It’s a very realistic take on powers and the consequences, but it’s more about the consequences of choices and how they affect others. The second volume isn’t standalone, and provides very little in the way of recap, so don’t start with volume 2, but if you like 1, definitely get 2. And now there’s a volume 3!