Indy Wednesday: Scorch, Black Fist and Brown Hand, Intelligent Redesign

I have a huge stack of small and independent press books that I pick up at comic conventions. Every week I’m pulling out a few and telling you about them, and how to get them.

Title: Scorch

Creator: Ashley Witter

Publisher: Devils Due – 1First comics

Ages: Teen for light gore, creepy demons, and monsters.

Where can i get it:

What’s it About: A gothic surrealistic tale about a teenaged demon, that might be a hallucinating girl or an immortal demon that’s lost its mind.

What I like: The art is both hilarious and violent, cute and gory.  The humor is offbeat and the protagonist Scorch isn’t so much a hero as the person crazy things happen too. It’s not for everybody, but if you like goth humor, you’ll eat this up – like candy.

Title: Black Fist and Brown Hand

Creators:  Johnny Parker II, Luis Calderon, Raf Enshoma, Ross Zapata, Scott Ludwig

Publisher: Neat-O! Comics

Ages: Anyone old enough to laugh at racism.

Where Can I get it:

What’s it about: Blaxplotation madness and stereotype racism played for laughs.

What I like: It’s like Luke cage meets Bugs Bunny. The art is hilarious, the jokes over the top. It’s taking ownership of the evil we do to each other and laughing about it. This too is not for everyone, but it’s good for the soul. Not as soulful as collard greens that super charge Black Fist, but good.

Title: Johnny Saturn – Intelligent Redesign

Creator: Scott Story and Benita Story

Publisher: Story Studios

Ages: Mature for violence.

Where can I get it:

What’s it about: Existential Fisticuffs from Zen Masters.

What I like: I’ve known the Story’s since I’ve started in comics. I wrote the forward for this volume and we’re both members of Collective of Heroes and Pen and Cape. Scott’s art is intense and he loves to be both realistic and surrealistic. Benita’s storytelling mixes metaphor and metaphysics with lots of punching. The intensity burns off of every page and you never know where the Story’s story’s going. If you like deconstructed super heroes like The Authority you’ll be glad you picked this up.