Indy Wednesday: Monty the Dinosaur, Spot on Adventures, Bandette

I have a huge stack of small and independent press books that I pick up at comic conventions. Every week I’m pulling out a few and telling you about them, and how to get them. This week it’s an ALL COMIXOLOGY WEEK. All of these titles can be hunted down or ordered in print (I have the first two autographed), but they are very easy to get on ComiXology.

Title: Monty the Dinosaur

Creators: Bob Frantz, Jean Franco

Publisher: Action Lab

Ages: All

Where can i get it: Comixology

What’s it About: The last dinosaur on earth. No friends, no family. Everyone fears him because – duh- he’s a T-rex. Then a girl who likes people on the inside, not caring about the outside, befriends him. Hi-jinx ensue. Of Course.

What I like: I run into Bob at a lot of conventions and he’s a joy to talk to. Good sense of humor, engaging, and able to survive my occasional prank. He started off self published and did the impossible. Made a first issue that people want so bad that a small press picked him up. So I’m jealous. Then there’s the art. Franco’s art grabs you from across the room and drags you over to read it. It’s simple, silly, and fun.

Title: Spot on Adventure

Creators:  Franco and Scoot McMahon

Publisher: Action Labs

Ages: All.

Where Can I get it:  ComiXology

What’s it about: Imagine spy kids – except in space – with animals. It’s a Franco title. Any attempt at short description is impossible because he’ll throw in anything if it’s funny.

What I like: This is all about Scoot. Franco has dozens of wonderful kids titles like Tiny Titans, but this book has Scoot’s humor and style all over it. Scoot is the nicest human being on earth. When you tell him that, he will shyly look away and change the subject. He’s also one of the fastest artist I’ve ever seen. You can not talk to him without getting a sketch. I don’t think it’s possible.

Title: Bandette

Creators: Paul Tobin, Collen Coover

Publisher: Monkey Brain Comics

Ages: 12 and up

Where can I get it: ComiXology

What’s it about: Fun. This is what comics are at their best. Fun, dramatic, funny, action and lots of candy bars. It’s very european style, like Tin Tin, and is so French you can smell the baguettes as they smack a villain. Bandette is the best thief in the world, and is equally the most charming.

What I like: I’ve raved about Bandette many times. It’s one of my favorite comics of all time. It’s the perfect blend of writer and artist in perfect sync. Paul’s humor is whimsical and sly and his stories are intricately clever. They twist and sidetrack so often that you stop thinking ahead and just enjoy the ride and are angry when you run out of pages. Colleen is just draw dropping brilliant. She’s a master of minimalism and camera shots that can tell you more with a handful of lines than other artists do with millions of lines. Look at the cover as a perfect example. She nails reactions and emotions, her characters all look like they love life, even the grumpy ones. Every character is visually distinct, and he scenery makes you feel like running on rooftops to savor the views.

Issue 10

And don’t forget we’re on ComiXology too. Issue #10 came out last week!
ComiXology. That may…. have had something to do with why I chose these books this week. But trust me, those books above are all better then mine.